At DMFS we believe a responsible approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues has a positive impact on investment strategy and long-term sustainable growth.

As a company, we consider ESG investment critical to allow us to construct portfolios that satisfy our clients’ principles as well as their financial needs. DMFS is committed to consider and factor in sustainability risk into our advisory and portfolio management investment services while meeting our client’s needs.  We consider the impact on health, safety, society, and the environment in our investment selection.  Our ethos on wealth preservation and clients’ desires to generate sustainable long-term returns requires the investment process to have regard to and manage where possible adverse impacts on sustainability factors which may impact client portfolios or advise we provide. It is our view that over time, this ESG strategy can generate long-term competitive financial returns as well as having a positive impact on society.

We do not see investing responsibly as an obligation, we see it as an opportunity. That is because the sustained success of any company depends on the health of the economic and environmental systems around it.


MARCH 2021
This policy is kept under content review and updated to reflect relevant changes.